Poland regarding the current situation in Ukraine

Events in Ukraine arouse strong emotions among the citizens of other countries, including Poles. It is not difficult to see that the opinions of Poles on the right attitude regarding the situation in Ukraine are different.

At present, Ukraine receives from us mostly a humanitarian aid. In organizing it are joined the Ministry of Defence, as well as numerous organizations, including Polish Humanitarian Organisation, founded by Janina Ochojska. We can not deny that such aid is of great importance in a situation where so many residents of Ukraine found itself in a very difficult position. In addition to humanitarian aid, Poland in solidarity with other countries try to control the behavior of Russia. This control are primarily economic sanctions, which are designed to make our eastern neighbor to change attitudes towards Ukraine. Not all Poles are satisfied with this situation. Some people speak loudly about the fact that Poland should do much more to help the Ukrainians. On the other hand, there are lots of people who are convinced that events in Ukraine are not our thing, and we should not engage in them, because in this way expose our own country on problems with Russia.

As we can see, it would be difficult to establish a plan of dealing with the situation in Ukraine, which would be right for all Poles. Given the attitude of other countries it can be said that at the moment the way we chose seems to be the most reasonable.

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