Poland regarding the current situation in Ukraine

Events in Ukraine arouse strong emotions among the citizens of other countries, including Poles. It is not difficult to see that the opinions of Poles on the right attitude regarding the situation in Ukraine are different.

Polish-Russian relationships over the centuries

Russia is one of the countries neighboring Polish, so relationships with it are pretty big for us. But we can not deny the fact that Polish-Russian relations can hardly be considered as friendly. The source of distrustful attitude of Poles towards Russia are, among other, historical events.

Polish-Ukrainian relationships in the past

The situation now in Ukraine inspires different emotions among Poles. Many residents of Poland expresses its solidarity with Ukrainians fighting for the independence, but there are also those who are hostile towards Ukraine. The sources are primarily events of the past.

The Polish economic cooperation with Russia

Poland and Russia are the countries bordering with each other, so economic cooperation between us and our eastern neighbor is important.

Measures taken to improve relations of Poland with its eastern neighbors

Polish relations with its eastern neighbors, and above all with Russia, are still not free from conflicts and prejudices. Actions to improve relations are taken both by government organizations and NGOs.

The Polish relationships with Belarus

EBelarus is one of the countries bordering the Polish, because relations with this country are very important to us. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the beginning of building Polish-Belarusian relationships was signed in 1991 the "Declaration on good neighborliness, mutual understanding and cooperation" and "Treaty on Good-neighborliness and friendly cooperation", which was signed the following year.

The Polish-Lithuanian relationships

Under the Lublin Union concluded in 1569 Poland and Lithuania entered into a close relationship, turning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Unfortunately, subsequent events resulted in the relations between the two countries deteriorated. Even today it is difficult to consider them as perfect.
  • Eastern partnership

  • Eastern partnership