The Polish relationships with Belarus

Belarus is one of the countries bordering the Polish, because relations with this country are very important to us. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the beginning of building Polish-Belarusian relationships was signed in 1991 the "Declaration on good neighborliness, mutual understanding and cooperation" and "Treaty on Good-neighborliness and friendly cooperation", which was signed the following year.

Polish concern was provoked over the progressive dependence of Belarus on Russia. The deterioration of Polish-Belarusian relations in 1994 was related to the deepening political crisis in Belarus. In the following years there were additional causes conflicts with our eastern neighbor. In 2001 Poland, like many other countries, recognized the presidential choice conducted in Belarus to be falsified. Subsequent attempts to establish good relations Polish-Belarusian was unsuccessful because of the reluctance on the part of Belarus. There is no doubt that the difficult political situation in this country does not facilitate cooperation.

Currently, efforts to build and develop good Polish-Belarusian relations are undertaken both by state organizations and NGOs. Poland has three diplomatic missions in Belarus, located in Minsk, Brest and Grodno. The Belarusian diplomatic missions in Poland, located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Bialystok and Biala Podlaska. Improving the relationship is very important, considering the fact that in Belarus live now about 48 700 Poles.

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