Polish-Ukrainian relationships in the past

The situation now in Ukraine inspires different emotions among Poles. Many residents of Poland expresses its solidarity with Ukrainians fighting for the independence, but there are also those who are hostile towards Ukraine. The sources are primarily events of the past.

In the twentieth century Poland and Ukraine fought battle for disputed territories. Many people got killed. But the most tragic events in the history of Polish-Ukrainian relations occurred during World War II. During the Volhynian massacre got killed 50 000-60 000 Poles. This genocide was committed by Ukrainian nationalists supported by some local people. Ukrainians often remind Poles that we also have allowed many crimes against their countrymen. As an example, one can point out the crimes Army in Szolomyja or Sahryn. At this point, usually followed by a discussion on the number killed by one and the other party and motives of actions Poles and Ukrainians. Talks on this subject often run a turbulent atmosphere.

It might seem that such discussions make no sense. However, they are required to allow Poland and Ukraine to close a chapter in their history and focus on current relations. The current situation in Ukraine is still very strong and has a negative impact on the attitude towards people who are only descendants of those who committed the crime

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