Polish-Russian relationships over the centuries

Russia is one of the countries neighboring Polish, so relationships with it are pretty big for us. But we can not deny the fact that Polish-Russian relations can hardly be considered as friendly. The source of distrustful attitude of Poles towards Russia are, among other, historical events.

Throughout history, Poland and Russia has repeatedly compete with each other. We were having wars with our eastern neighbor, inter alia, in the seventeenth century. Since then, relations with Russia became worse. At the end of the next century, it is the Russian Empire was one of the countries that made the Polish partitions. Over the next 123 years, Poles experienced a lot of hamr by the Russian authorities. Soon after independence, Poland was forced to repel another attack from Russia during the Bolshevik invasion in 1920. It was not the last attack from the eastern neighbor. Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, September 17, 1939 the USSR made an armed attack on Poland. After the war, Poland found itself in the sphere of influence of the USSR, which meant the next deprivation of liberty. For over 40 years, Poland was a communist country, dependent on Russia. We regained a full independence in 1989.

This past does not help to build good interstate relations. The situation is aggravated further by current events, and above all Russia's desire to maintain control over the countries of Eastern Europium, as exemplified by the attitude towards Ukraine or Belarus.

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