The Polish-Lithuanian relationships

Under the Lublin Union concluded in 1569 Poland and Lithuania entered into a close relationship, turning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Unfortunately, subsequent events resulted in the relations between the two countries deteriorated. Even today it is difficult to consider them as perfect.

Reasons of mutual dislike to be found primarily in the events of past centuries. Many Lithuanians were not happy with the rules of the Union of Lublin, and recognizing themselves as part of the Polish nation provoked a backlash, especially among Lithuanian intelligence. After the end of World War Poland regained independence failed to avoid territorial conflicts. An event which had a particularly negative impact on the Polish-Lithuanian relations occurred in 1920. During the so-called ┼╗eligowski Revolt was attached Vilnius and its surroundings and the proclamation of this area Central Lithuania, which were then incorporated into Polish. The bad events of the past does not mean, however, that Poland and Lithuania do not take actions aimed at improving mutual relations. In 1994 it taxed in Vilnius Treaty on friendly relations and good neighborly cooperation, which is the basis for the further development of relations between the two countries.

It is worth remembering that Lithuania remains an important economic partner of Polish. 6% of goods exported to Lithuania go to us, but among the goods imported to Lithuania Polish products are up to 11%.

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