The Polish economic cooperation with Russia

Poland and Russia are the countries bordering with each other, so economic cooperation between us and our eastern neighbor is important.

Poland is one of the largest trading partners of Russia among European Union countries. Every year, a lot are imported from Russia, as well as a lot are exported from there. In case of import, a special importance for us have natural resources such as gas and oil. While we sell food and agricultural items on East. Current data indicate that we import more than we export. It is worth noting that Polish exports to Russia are also medications and nutritional and dietary supplements. Among the latter, there are training boosters and acid preparations used by athletes. Although achieved profits are not as large as expenses incurred when importing raw materials, they have a certain impact on the overall trade balance with Russia.

Discussing about economic cooperation between Poland and Russia we can not ignore the impact of political developments on this cooperation. The relationship between us and our eastern neighbor are not free from conflicts, which unfortunately translates into the effects of economic cooperation. As an example, you can specify an embargo on Polish products, including apples, which was imposed last year by Russia. From time to time there is also the threat of suspension of gas supplies, but so far rather there is no indication that we should worry about their performance.

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