Measures taken to improve relations of Poland with its eastern neighbors

Polish relations with its eastern neighbors, and above all with Russia, are still not free from conflicts and prejudices. Actions to improve relations are taken both by government organizations and NGOs.

Noteworthy among other activities is the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding. This is an organization established under the Act, whose main aim is to initiate and support efforts towards dialogue and understanding Polish-Russian relations. Of particular importance is cooperation in the field of research, as well as publishing, dissemination of knowledge about Polish-Russian relations and the history and culture of both nations among the inhabitants of these countries.

Among the NGOs a special attention deserves Association of Cooperation between Poland and East. This is an organization that aims to build and develop good relations with its eastern neighbors, Polish, while building on the principles of mutual respect. The Association focuses on cooperation in science, technology, culture, education, sport, economy and tourism. The organization has established partnership relations with Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. An important role is also played by Collaborating Centre for Business "Poland - Russia", which focuses on Polish business cooperation with Russia.

These are only examples of actions that are taken to improve Polish relations with the countries of eastern Europe. They show that development of good relations with the East is possible, but requires a commitment of both sides.

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